Francis Matthews

I’m a visual artist working primarily with the traditions of painting. My practice is informed by light, architecture and the phenomenology of place.

The imagery I produce are almost always absent of people, describing places of neglect, or moments of silence in otherwise inhabited locations. These unoccupied places can be seen as empty sets, where a scene is about to unfold.

I seek out locations where the dynamics of light play a prominent role in the perception of the spaces and explore these sites through photography. Compositioning strongly defines the atmosphere within the images and the works can vary from both formal or casual arrangements depending on the intention and the construction of light within the image.

In turn I interpret these photographic images through the process of painting; the application of paint, being deliberate and slow, becomes an act of intense observation rather than overt expression.

The final images act as very particular documents of locations, directing the viewer’s attention to overlooked places and hopefully provoking a familiar but often uneasy sense of place.