Sound Collector is a series of events in Dublin which explore the spaces between music, installation, improvisation, sound, and noise. We aim to provide a platform for experimentation and exploration of multidisciplinary art practices in a performance environment.

June 17th 2019

In our mission to create a platform showcasing the talent in Ireland’s sphere of experimental music and art, we understand the importance of feedback and engaging in dialogue with artists from this community.

In response to recent comments on social media regarding a lack of diversity at our first event, we have decided to merge the lineup with artists from our second event, currently planned for September. We share a wonderful diversity of artists, musicians and performers in this country and we understand how important it is for our programming to reflect this. Addressing any shortcomings in our perceptions is a challenge which we accept, and we welcome feedback and criticism.

We would like to thank everyone who voiced an opinion on this matter and provided more visibility on the issue. We appreciate feedback from this community to which we intend to contribute and to help to grow from strength to strength together.

Sound Collector

The first instalment of Sound Collector will see musician Jenna Harris begin the night with a performance for voice and electronics. Flautist, composer, and improvisor Lina Andonovska will follow with her recent works for flute and electronics. Next up is sound artist Fergus Kelly playing a solo percussion set with found metals and plastics. The final performance of the night will be Lacey - Brown - Roth, a trio featuring David Lacey, Nicholas Brown and Nick Roth. Visual artist Stephen Dunne will provide a backdrop of imagery throughout the night.