Fergus Kelly

Fergus Kelly is an artist from Dublin working with field recording, soundscape composition, invented instruments and improvisation. He has shown nationally and internationally and received many Arts Council awards. In 2005 he established a CDR label and website, Room Temperature, as an outlet for his solo and collaborative work.

Unmoor (2005),

Material Evidence (2006),

Bevel (2006) (with David Lacey),

A Host Of Particulars (2007),

Strange Weather (2007),

Leaching The Pith (2008),

Swarf (2009),

Fugitive Pitch (2009),

Long Range (2010),

Unnatural Actuality (2014),

Quiet Forage (2015) (with David Lacey) and Trembling Embers (2018).

Albums on other labels include

A Congregation Of Vapours (Farpoint 2012),

Neural Atlas (Stolen Mirror 2016),

Shot To Shreds (Farpoint 2016),

Local Knowledge (Unfathomless 2017),

The Map Is Not The Territory (with Max Eastley & Mark Wastell) (Confront 2019)